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Goat with Vegetable Sauce

4 Servings

  1. Wash the goat meat in lemon juice and then put it in a bowl with boiling water on it to lose the smell.

  2. Put in the pan with all the ingredients (if possible let it marinate for one or two hours).

  3. Then turn the heat on until it starts to cook.

  4. Add water to cover it all. Keep checking the water.

  5. You don't want a soup, but you also don't want it to be without sauce.

  6. One tip: if you stick in a fork and see the meat is soft and there is plenty of sauce, you don't need to add any more water.

  7. Just let it cook and let the sauce get thicker.

  8. Serve with potatoes and white rice with the sauce over them



  • 2 lbs. of goat meat

  • 1 Onion (chopped)

  • 1 Tomato (chopped)

  • 1/4  Jalapeno

  • Garlic

  • Colorific (Paprika for example)

  • Vinegar

  • Cumin

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