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We believe that the quality of an animal’s life impacts the quality of the meat

Our farmers’ and ranchers’ passion for their craft, dedication to their animals and respect for the land can truly be tasted in the finished product.

Our Raised With Care practices all add up to a stress-free life for each animal:

  • They spend their entire lives with their litter mates and natural social groups to foster instinctive habits, like play;

  • They live outdoors or in deeply bedded pens for comfort close to their natural habitat – they’re never confined to a cage;

  • They’re only fed a natural diet – 100% vegetarian feed without by-products –EVER;

  • They’re never given added hormones or antibiotics – EVER;

  • They’re cared for with great attention from the families that own the land;

  • The land they’re raised on is used in a way that honors and respects its resources.

These practices combined provide our animals with a comfortable, peaceful life. This equates to consistent great taste and uncompromised quality.

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